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Re: RFS: auctiongallery -- Generates picture galleries and HTML templates for auction descriptions

Stan Vasilyev wrote on 18/08/2005 08:40:
> I searched lots of scripting FAQs but didn't find a way to find the
> location of home dir.

Whose homedir? Many systems have more than one user.

> The problem is that when the postinst script runs,
> it runs as root and $HOME variable contains /root not /home. Should I
> just abandon that idea and post in documentation that my software needs
> manual configuration after install? Is it against Debian rules to ask
> the user to enter a directory path in the postinst script?

What exactly are you trying to achieve by listing /home in debian/dirs?
What are you trying to do in the postinst-Script?
Fact is that auctiongallery is a tool which should be usable by any user
on the system, each with his/her own configuration. Does auctiongallery
allow this?


PS: Please try to follow the common quoting style: Quote only what you
directly refer to, only as much as needed and quote each part you are
replying to directly above your respective answer/comment. That makes
reading your postings a lot easier.

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