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Re: RFS: auctiongallery -- Generates picture galleries and HTML templates for auction descriptions

Thanks for the comments. I already know how to use debuilder for C++
programs that install via ./configure, make and install. But my program
is a simple script and it doesn't have any of that. I will try to figure
out how to package it the Debian way.

1. The command line options should be a piece of cake.
2. I had that idea but I couldn't figure out how to do that. The
"source" thing looks promising.
3 and 4. I will look into removing Bash dependency

Sven Mueller wrote:

>Stan Vasilyev wrote on 13/08/2005 05:13:
>>I have just added the Debian package to my website. You can download it
>>from http://home.comcast.net/~deathkrush/
>>I packaged it manually with dpkg-deb and checked it with lintian.
>Please don't do it that way. Please provide a proper debian source
>package. It should be based on your original source tarball and provide
>a debian/rules file with features as defined in the debian policy (and
>the maintainers guide).
>Your package should always exist in the form of a debian source package.
>As your software isn't specific to debian, the source package consists
>of your "upstream" tarball, a .dsc file describing the source package
>and a .diff.gz file which contains Debian specific additions.
>Please look at the FAQ page for this list:
>http://people.debian.org/~mpalmer/debian-mentors_FAQ.html where there is
>a question and answer which would be of particular interest for you:
>Ask here for help if needed, but try to consult the documentation first
>at http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ and
>http://www.debian.org/doc/devel-manuals, especially the document at:
>I also took a look at your script. I have a few comments on it:
>1) The script should be able to handle some commandline options.
>   preferably at least "-c <configfile>" to override the filename
>   of the config file and "-h"/"--help" do describe its usage.
>2) You say in the INSTALL file that your config file parser.
>   But your parser just reads "key=value" pairs from that file.
>   why don't you rename the keys in that file appropriately and
>   simply source it? Instead of "while read line; do ... done < config"
>   do "source config". If you don't want to do that, you can at least
>   remove that problem with the trailing newline in the file by using
>   "(cat config; echo) | while read line ; do ... done".
>3) It's common practise in Debian packages to avoid depending on bash
>   if possible. So it would be nice if you could check wether your
>   script works as expected with "ash" as well. ash is far closer to
>   a standard POSIX shell than bash, and as far as I saw on first
>   glance, it should be able to run your script, which would remove
>   the dependency on bash.
>4) Your dependency on bash is even versioned. Is there a particular
>   reason why bash 2 (as in oldstable) wouldn't be able to run your
>   script? It's especially irritating that you use a versioned
>   dependency on bash since your dependency on imagemagick is _not_
>   versioned. If you really need bash >= 3.0, it would be nice for
>   people using Sarge if you could make that "bash (>=3) | bash3".
>Not trying to put you down, just trying to help you making your package
>better. ;-)

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