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Re: True Debian spirit

also sprach Ben Finney <ben@benfinney.id.au> [2005.05.09.0905 +0200]:
> > I also encourage you to take a look at guessnet, which is the only
> > autoconfiguration tool in true Debian spirit.
> Care to elaborate? How does it gain the "true Debian spirit" that
> others lack?

It integrates with ifupdown (configuration happens in
/etc/network/interfaces), and it only does what it needs to do; no
overlaps with existing software.

Other tools, like whereami, do not fit in as tightly as guessnet
(separate configuration and paradigms), and they do more than they
should: hooks, interface configuration, etc. ifupdown is the Debian
way to handle that, and guessnet builds on this fact.

I am not saying that the others aren't good, and maybe I am not
"authorized" to claim that guessnet embodies the "true Debian
spirit" (I am just another developer, after all), so the above is
really just my opinion.

You may be interested though that in the process of writing my book
[0], which is about Debian and Debian only, guessnet was the only
tool of its kind which got coverage, precisely because of the above.

Anyway, guessnet is under active development; if it lacks a feature
you would like to see, please let us know! A good place for such
discussion is the netconf-devel mailing list on

0. http://debianbook.info

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