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Re: Request for a sponsor for getwifi

also sprach Joshua D. Abraham <jabra@ccs.neu.edu> [2005.05.08.0212 +0200]:
> I am have not used waproamd, however, getwifi currently joins
> wireless networks with a similar configuration. It is meant to be
> run to join networks that you are using regularly. The updates
> I have been working on will include wep and wpa support. The next
> version will also include the ability to scan for networks that
> are being broadcast. It will use iwlist to scan for wireless
> networks but that isn't implemented yet. 

So why should we have getwifi in the archive in addition to
waproamd? Note that I know that waproamd has problems, so if you are
working to address those problems, that's great. However, please do
not just duplicate the functionality. I suggest you install waproamd
and check it out.

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