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Re: Request for a sponsor for getwifi

also sprach Joshua D. Abraham <jabra@ccs.neu.edu> [2005.05.08.2022 +0200]:
> I will give waproamd a try and see the problems it has. However,
> there are many programs that do similar, if not the same function
> (ex text editors). I will let everyone know when I have an update.

Sure, and that's good. However, text editors can happily live next
to each other, while multiple Wifi configuration tools will bite
each other.

Debian has about 7 network auto-configuration scripts (guessnet,
whereami, ...), and none of them do everything they should without
problems. Thus, all I am trying to do is to encourage you to
invest your time in such a way that it solves existing problems,
rather than to create new ones.

I am not saying that waproamd is the way to go. As a matter of fact,
I would think that it won't be hard to create something better and
more robust. However, in order to do so, you must check it out

I also encourage you to take a look at guessnet, which is the only
autoconfiguration tool in true Debian spirit. It is likely going to
be integrated into Debian more and more in the future, so it would
be great if you could integrate with it.

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