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Re: usbmount: automatically mount and unmount USB mass storage devices

Martin Dickopp wrote:

> Both pmount and my package try to solve the same problem -- letting
> users access removable media. The difference is that pmount allows
> users to mount and unmount these devices manually, while my script
> mounts and unmounts them automatically. Another difference is that
> pmount requires the user to know the name of the device node (my
> script doesn't), but pmount lets the user choose the mointpoint (my
> script doesn't).

pmount is designed to be used with udev/hal/gnome-volume-manager (or
similar solutions for other desktops) to handle hotplugging.

With g-v-m and pmount combined, devices are mounted and unmounted
automatically, without requiring the user to know the device node.
This is the solution used in Ubuntu 4.10.

This was discussed recently on the debian-desktop list:


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