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Re: RFS: gnotify -- a notification service for many desktop-environments and WM's

Simon MARTIN wrote:

>  GNotify is a little daemon written in C using GTK. It provides
>  (like the KDE KNotify-system) a notification-service for
>  Gnome/XFce/FVWM/Fluxbox/Enlightenment and other
>  Desktop-Environments/WindowManagers.

Can you change this to explain what this means for a user (what does a
"notification-service" actually do)?  I suggest something like:

  GNotify provides a unified interface for applications to notify
  users of events by displaying pop-up messages or playing sounds.

  Gnotify is a lightweight daemon that works with Gnome, XFce, FVWM,
  Fluxbox, Enlightenment, and other desktop environments and window
  managers.  It is similar to KDE's "KNotify" system.

[I'm not very familiar with GNotify or KNotify, so some of the above may
be inaccurate.]

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