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Re: newbie hello

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 19:38, Nick Urban wrote:
> Hi, I've been using Debian for a few years, and I'd like to help out.


> I love Debian as a server on older hardware, and I'd like to use it on 
> my desktop too.
> Sadly, I've always found it lacking in desktop-relevant areas like 
> hardware autodetection/configuration and support for newer hardware. I 
> just did a sarge install the other day, and I'm impressed. The hardware 
> detection seems to be much better than in woody. The notable exception 
> seems to be that X still doesn't automagically work as it does in some 
> systems i.e. Knoppix.
> How would I help with something like this?
> Thanks,
> Nick Urban

Well, if you're interested to help in X-related topics, you can
subscribe [1] to debian-x mailing list, where are the
discussion about the X Window System within Debian, or maybe you
can join to debian-desktop mailing list where are the discussion about
the Debian Desktop sub-project, the integration of the various
desktop-related packages, bug reports, questions and patches.

[1] http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/subscribe

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