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Re: looking for sponsor - giac, computer algebra system

> Do you have plans to become a Debian Developer, by the way? 

I used to have, but lately I've been too busy.  I hope that, 
in a few months, I will be again following debian-devel et al.,
and rethinking about becoming a DD.

> Or reformulate it so that everybody can get the meaning.

E.g. "I have written man pages, as there was none." ?

> You shouldn't install xcas if that only says "No GUI support, try cas
> instead or recompile Giac". Also the manpage claims that there was a
> GUI. 

My main concern was about separating giac and libgiac, and I did not
think of separating giac and xcas, hoping that the next release would
fit flawlessly in Debian by depending of FLTK2.

I'll fix the man pages assuming that "giac" installs only the command
line version, and leave every reference to Xcas for a future "xcas"

> Why don't you package these libraries as well, as a separate package?

At the time I started to package giac, I did not know how to package
libraries ("newbies should not try it").  On the other hand, these
libraries (FL_Editor and FLVW) seem to be obsoleted soon (I'm not sure
about this, but I've been told that FLTK1.2 or FLTK2 will cover
their features).  In the end, the reason is laziness.

Ok, so I'll make all the changes you have proposed and post again 
here when done (after check upstream, that has changed a major
release number: 0.3.0 -> 0.4.0).

All the best.


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