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looking for sponsor - giac, computer algebra system

As described in bug 155075, I intend to package GIAC, a computer algebra
system developed by Bernard Parisse, author of the algebra software of
HP 49G, 40G, 49G+, 48GII calculators.  

GIAC's homepage is

The package "giac" is available at apt-get.org.  Lines for sources.list:
	deb ftp://fisher.ciencias.uniovi.es/debian unstable main
	deb-src ftp://fisher.ciencias.uniovi.es/debian unstable main

The software consists of:

- A C++ library, packaged as "libgiac0" and "libgiac0-dev".

- A command line interface, packaged as "giac".

- Xcas, a graphical interface based in FLTK, not packaged because it relies on
  two FLTK 1 libraries not available in Debian (FLVW and FL_Editor).
  A new version of Xcas will depend on FLTK 2 and will not have this problem.

This is my first try to build a library package. 


                  San-autoritatoj avertas pri ke daure uzi 
                  Vindozon kauzas nervecon kaj dependecon.

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