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Re: looking for sponsor - giac, computer algebra system

Many thanks for your review!

> Have you read the new maintainers guide, and had a look at the
> developers' reference?

Yes, at least once.  But it's true that I should read them
carefully these days...

> I had a look at it, and there are some problems:
> - The program is packaged as Debian native. This shouldn't be, it should
>   have an orig.tar.gz and a diff.gz.

Bernard (upstream author) expressed his intention of including the
"debian" subdirectory in the upstream tree.  In fact, he maintains 
deb packages of Giac for Quantian (a mathematical-oriented Knoppix
derivate) but didn't have the time for a careful observation of
Debian policies [I'm wondering wheter I have that time, myself]. 

Note that Bernard's "debian/" and my "debian/" are not perfectly
synchronized.  I assume you suggest that I remove "debian/" from
upstream giac-0.3.0.tar.gz to build a new giac-0.3.0.tar.gz that
will become the orig.tar.gz. 

> - debian/changelog has entries that don't sound very useful ["No
>   original manpages" - this sentence no verb ;-)].

Ok, I'll remove this.
> - README.Debian could be better, too - it's not interesting for users
>   that you should split the package, that you have found an upstream bug
>   (if writing that at all, then also mentioned that you have actually
>   submitted it upstream), and that dpkg-buildpackage can regenerate the
>   package. Besides, the lines got messed up.

An example of the "desynchronization".  I mistakenly included Bernard's
README.debian.  I'll fix this for the next time.

> - as for the rest, it is currently compiling, and since this seems to
>   take quite long I'm sending this mail before it's finished.

Again, thank you very much for your advice.


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