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Re: problem with ldconfig and packaging libs

Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> writes:

> >>>>> "Adam" == Adam Di Carlo <apharris@burrito.onshore.com> writes:
>     Adam> No, you just need to be careful and to read the Packaging
>     Adam> Manual, where it says:
>     Adam>      Any package installing shared libraries in a directory
>     Adam> that's listed in `/etc/ld.so.conf' or in one of the default
>     Adam> library directories of ld.so (currently, these are
>     Adam> `/usr/lib' and `/lib') must call ldconfig in its postinst
>     Adam> script if and only if the first argument is
>     Adam> `configure'.
> Hoo boy.. didn't we end up deciding this was wrong?

Eh?  No, we certainly did not.


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