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Re: python3-scanpy 1.6.0 patched, could you take a look?

Hi all, hi Robbi in particular,

Am 23.03.21 um 09:16 schrieb Andreas Tille:
> On Tue, Mar 23, 2021 at 12:22:49AM -0700, Nilesh Patra wrote:
>> Makes sense. Since you thin we should be extra picky about it, do you
>> think we should add
>> it into our policy somehow, or maybe add it into FAQ or some page that
>> is easily accessible and/or handy?
> Yes, that makes sense.  It would be great if you could do so.

I looked at a few tutorials and it seems like the Python shell is used
exclusively, so, I am fine either way.

scanpy is a bit unfortunate because of sc-analysis abbreviated to scan
does not actually scan. At least the module name is "scanpy" so it is
python(3)-scanpy, not python(3)-scan, which would be problematic. So
funny, right? Sigh. But then again, they have a Genome Biology paper
with that and for scVelo they are in Nature Biosciences - they improved
both the naming and with the journal, just kidding, Genome Biology is
already very nice. I just added scVelo to the excel table :) Maybe
scVelo degrades scanpy from workflow to a package ... need to think
about that, but since many scRNAseq packages do not yet offer these
"arrows in the diagram", it would seem unfair.

So, Robbi, well done. Please add yourself to the uploaders list. And I
am more than happy to have you as the active maintainer of scanpy. I
have just extended the d/u/metadata info - guix also has it as
python-scanpy, btw.  Andreas, may I ask you to sponsor scanpy, I mean



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