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Re: python3-scanpy 1.6.0 patched, could you take a look?

On 2021-03-22 17:24, ucko@debian.org wrote:
> Nilesh Patra <nilesh@debian.org> writes:
>> [1]: https://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/python-policy/index.html#module-package-names
> By my reading, this documents how binary package names should related to
> module names (as found in import directives) and says nothing about
> source package names.  Explicit python-* prefixes are common, even when
> module names contain "py" themselves; see, for instance, python-biopython.

Ah, right. I clearly got that wrong.
But in any case, is there a convention? Some python library-only
packages do have a python- prefixed
and others do not, as I see.


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