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python3-scanpy 1.6.0 patched, could you take a look?

Hi Steffen Moeller and Debian Med,

I patched python3-scanpy 1.6.0-2 on salsa[1], not sure it does look good or not. Could you or anyone take a look?

* blocker 1.6.0-1 removed
* add missing dependencies
* fixed (patched) test file failure during execution

Look like python3-legacy-api-wrap still missing on sid (reason why pipeline[2] are failed), but I clone the salsa[3] repo, build it and set local apt list (to take successfully legacy-api-wrap build) into my chroot environment.

Currently legacy-api-wrap still not available on sid, I think the maintainer already push to ftp (check attachment) or maybe my understanding of uploading process are wrong.

p/s: I am newbie, so actually I not sure should I update the package to newer version as upstream or settle up the issue on existing one first. Please leave useful details so I can catch-up my learning process :)

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/scanpy/
[2] https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/scanpy/-/pipelines/240555
[3] https://salsa.debian.org/python-team/packages/legacy-api-wrap

Email : Robbi Nespu <robbinespu AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>
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On Fri, 2021-03-19 at 22:41 +0800, Robbi Nespu wrote:
> Hello Diane Trout,
> I saw your ITP here[1] for "legacy-api-wrap" package.
> Do you have any update about this?

I am a slacker who forgets to upload things?

I just made a repository

And uploaded it to NEW

dput  ftp-master legacy-api-wrap_1.2-1_amd64.changes
Uploading legacy-api-wrap using ftp to ftp-master (host:
ftp.upload.debian.org; directory: /pub/UploadQueue/)
running allowed-distribution: check whether a local profile permits
uploads to the target distribution
running protected-distribution: warn before uploading to distributions
where a special policy applies
running checksum: verify checksums before uploading
running suite-mismatch: check the target distribution for common errors
running gpg: check GnuPG signatures before the upload
Uploading legacy-api-wrap_1.2-1_amd64.buildinfo
Uploading python3-legacy-api-wrap_1.2-1_all.deb
Uploading legacy-api-wrap_1.2-1_amd64.changes

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