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Re: python3-scanpy 1.6.0 patched, could you take a look?

On 2021-03-23 12:18, Andreas Tille wrote:
> I was pointed in some mails (which I'm to busy to seek for) by members 
> of the Python team to prefix source package names by 'python-' and I'm
> following this recommendation.

I see

> I know there are counter-examples but
> it also fits my personal taste that it is convenient to have source and
> (main) binary package name the same - well, I know the binary is now
> python3-* instead of python-* but you know what I mean.


> IMHO in the Debian Med team we should be extra picky about this.  We
> have lots of other applications.  I consider it very convenient to guess
> from the repository name what type of package can be expected.

Makes sense. Since you thin we should be extra picky about it, do you
think we should add
it into our policy somehow, or maybe add it into FAQ or some page that
is easily accessible and/or handy?


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