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Re: Re: Which columns should we start working on?

Hi Steffen,

Thanks for your reply. This is a lot of information, so I'll just quote
specific sections.

> There are some tools that block many columns from being completed. To
> mention here in particular are the workflow engines, and here it is
> nextflow that seems like being a beast to package. So, yes, Nilesh,
> please, nextflow out of the way would be a big help.

I see nextflow here on salsa[1] but there does not seem to be a TODO,
would you remember what needs to be done?

I also see that this has a lot of Java, groovy, gradle files stuff - so
maybe @Pierre, can you help pushing this?

[1]: https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/nextflow

> A) housekeeping packages (I just made this name up as a pun on
> housekeeping genes) that are just expected to be available. I am not
> unlikely to have marked such in red in the leftmost column of the
> spreadsheet. It is the kind of package I go for when I am feeling a bit
> down and what a quick success.

I have to admit, that I have no background in medicine, so does this
translate to - "do the red ones"?

Noted the rest things + Information

> I admit to have forgotten about it. But how many people do we then want
> to work at the same package. Andreas did a good job with the
> videoconferences such that we got to know each other. So, I suggest to
> keep the Excel sheet as a synchronisation tools - we write the name of
> ours somewhere in the package line so we know who is active on it. And
> whoever wants extra input then just says so.


> My next picks would be for A) MEME B) pyomo A^B) autodock-gpu - can we
> have three packages of the week?

Works. @Andreas, is there anything extra that we would like doing to
kick start these?


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