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Re: Re: Re: Re: Acquiring Dental RVG on Linux

On Fri, Jan 01, 2021 at 11:42:23AM +0100, Karsten Hilbert wrote:
>      https://sqps.onstreamsecure.com/origin/csdental/CSD/Downloads/RVG4-6-9-C.zip
> If that's the genuine driver, and the driver "contains" the licensing
> material, then there must be a way on "insert" the license data into
> a newly installed driver (must not be a GUI option, putting a file
> in a given location might be it, or calling some magic CLI tool).

"Installation, setup, and configuration of Kodak sensors and the Kodak TWAIN
application must be completed by Carestream Support and the device must be
functioning in TWAIN"

I think this almost confirms that the licensing is checked at a low level.
And it sounded like you agree with that.

The page also shows a "Carestream TWAIN driver" which a third party TWAIN
application has to use. It's perhaps a driver over a driver, but that
apart - say it's just a proprietary component.

Essentially, TWAIN or non-TWAIN, both are carestream components and they
check something (potentially only the lower of the two does it, but it
doesn't matter). That something is node locked. If I replicate the VM, say
to try to use it in qemu, which is when this thread began, the application
doesn't work. It shows that it's not in the form of a static file, but
something checked dynamically, may be based on MAC, disk uuid or a
combination of factors that their license issuing software would have
gathered at the installation time.

In theory if one finds out all those factors and a function that generates
the initialization sequence, one would have liberated it totally. It would
at the least take firstly finding those parameters and then initialization
sequences for more than 1 devices to do such analysis.

Now if all of this is done, one might as well do it for non-TWAIN, as
TWAIN is a Windows-only stuff.

> > I have a very old winxp (remember?) VM and usually it is not possible to get anything
> > worthwhile to install on that! I also prefer not tinkering with the VM as
> > it has a critical functionality.
> Absolutely don't !
> But doesn't the beauty of VMs lie in that you can
> simply make a copy and tinker with that ?

Yes, though as I said it's hard to get winxp things nowadays. But main
problem is above - what do we achieve with TWAIN?

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