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Aw: Re: Re: Re: Acquiring Dental RVG on Linux

> With the discovery of hidden device I feel it's the contrary now. The
> licensing might be tied to the driver.

Hmm, one can download a driver here


If that's the genuine driver, and the driver "contains" the licensing
material, then there must be a way on "insert" the license data into
a newly installed driver (must not be a GUI option, putting a file
in a given location might be it, or calling some magic CLI tool).

> I have a very old winxp (remember?) VM and usually it is not possible to get anything
> worthwhile to install on that! I also prefer not tinkering with the VM as
> it has a critical functionality.

Absolutely don't !

But doesn't the beauty of VMs lie in that you can
simply make a copy and tinker with that ?


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