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Re: picard-tools updated, and ready?

On 05/24/2018 03:27 PM, Andreas Tille wrote:
On Thu, May 24, 2018 at 03:14:29PM +0200, Olivier Sallou wrote:

On 05/24/2018 08:35 AM, Andreas Tille wrote:
Hi Olivier,

I can't upload to unstable as one of the deps (gkl) depends on htsjdk ,
and need a *recent* one (the one in experimental works, the one in sid
So to upload those picard-tools deps, we first need to put htsjdk in sid
If this is needed we might go for it and file a fake RC bug so people
can fall back to the version in testing.
What do you think about this? Do we want to upload htsjdk to unstable?
I've uploaded to unstable now.  Hope the currently quiete slow new processing
will speed up again soon for the dependencies. :-)
will you create a RC bug to prevent testing migration?
I can do - however, I'm afraid this will not help htsjdk in testing since
bug #877590 remains unfixed there.

So what do you think, will be the best thing to do?
Bug is shown as fixed in version htsjdk/2.8.1+dfsg-2

Kind regards


Olivier Sallou
Univ Rennes, Inria, CNRS, IRISA
Irisa, Campus de Beaulieu

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