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picard-tools updated, and ready?

I have updated git repo for picard-tools.

Dependencies are in java team (gkl, gatk-native-bindings, barclay) but
not uploaded yet. Instead I uploaded them to experimental for the
moment, waiting for full validation with picard-tools.

I disabled unit tests due to a testng issue (I created a bug for this),
but I patched testng locally and could run all picard-tools unit tests.

I think however that it would be nice to get other people validation for
picard-tools, if you could test build/run. Task was indeed not easy and
I'd like to be sure it works in other environments.

I faced issues with Java 9 but more with Java 10 which is now default
(in fact may work only with Java 10+).

I tested it with htsjdk from experimental.

When I have green flag, I can upload new dependencies to unstable before
uploading picard-tools.



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