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Re: Qlustar 10 available - Now 100% Open Source

>>>>> "A" == Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:

Hi Andreas, Tony,

    A> Hi Tony, On Sat, Apr 21, 2018 at 04:57:41PM +0200, Tony Travis
    A> wrote:
    >> Q-Leap previously offered to support Debian-Med and they attended
    >> at least one Debian-Med Sprint. However, their product licensing
    >> policy was restrictive and I decided not to use it. However, that
    >> has now changed:
    >> > https://qlustar.com/news/qlustar-10-available-now-100-open-source

    A> The Download page[1] says:

    A>   Before downloading any parts of Qlustar, please read the
    A>   Qlustar License Agreement. If you are representing a company
    A>   planning to sell clusters or services based on Qlustar, please
    A>   particularly note the paragraph titled COMMERCIAL RESTRICTIONS
    A>   and get in touch with us.

this is the license to use Qlustar as a distro. All individual packages
by us are fully open sourced and would fit into main. But Tony is of
course right, there is nothing to package here for Debian, since the Qlustar
packages make only sense for Qlustar ... Except: We
package some generally useful stuff for Debian that is needed for
Qlustar and not yet present in Debian (see the debian HPC group).

Hope this clarifies things. Cheers and all the best for your newborn
grand child Andreas,


    A> This sounds only fit for debian/non-free.  It is no argument to
    A> not work on the packaging, thought.  However, doing the packaging
    A> without any knowledge and systems to test is a bit hard.  I'd
    A> like to see some kind of packaging model, where we teach upstream
    A> the packaging and they do the actual work.  This has worked for
    A> other complex software where we have no internal competence in
    A> Debian Med (for instance fis-gtm).

    A> Tony, if you have some contact could you make such a proposal?

    A> Kind regards and thanks for the info

    A>     Andreas.

    A> [1] https://qlustar.com/download

    A> -- http://fam-tille.de



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