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(Bug#890993) primer3 FTBFS on big endian: test failure

Hi Andreas, Hi all,

I tried to figure out what exactly could cause the failure. The error refers to the test files in the kmer_lists directory that are in binary format. It seems they were generated on a little-endian architecture, that is why the test fails on big-endian when it tries to verify the file by comparing its first bytes with a given magic.

kmer_list/readme.txt says that the test files could be downloaded from http://primer3.ut.ee/lists.htm, which says the files can also be created by glistmaker from GenomeTester4 package.

So one solution could be to generate a set of similar test files for big-endian architectures. For this, only genome sequences in Fasta format would be necessary. But at this point, I get stuck as I have never faced a need to emulate big-endian. Are there other ways to deal with that type of problem?

With regards,

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