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Re: picard-tools updated, and ready?

Hi Olivier,

On Fri, May 04, 2018 at 09:22:11AM +0200, Olivier Sallou wrote:
> I have updated git repo for picard-tools.
> Dependencies are in java team (gkl, gatk-native-bindings, barclay) but
> not uploaded yet. Instead I uploaded them to experimental for the
> moment, waiting for full validation with picard-tools.

Cool!  From the naming it smells like a good precondition for GATK4
which should be also packaged (rather sooner than later if I understood
> I disabled unit tests due to a testng issue (I created a bug for this),
> but I patched testng locally and could run all picard-tools unit tests.

Sounds promising.  Again, thanks a lot.
> I think however that it would be nice to get other people validation for
> picard-tools, if you could test build/run. Task was indeed not easy and
> I'd like to be sure it works in other environments.

I admit my hope to get more testers from this list is limited.  (I
explicitly added Vincent who is also in Uploaders but as far as I
remember is not reading this list very regularly.)  Thus I'd be in
favour of uploading at least those preconditions to unstable.  Since no
package in unstable depends from these we can not really break anything.
In general I also think that uploading to unstable even for picard-tools
is fine (may be after testng bug is fixed) and use normal Debian QA
tools as well as rdepends as "testers" in addition to potential readers
here.  We are in the middle of a release cycle and there is sufficient
time to fix issues now.

> I faced issues with Java 9 but more with Java 10 which is now default
> (in fact may work only with Java 10+).

Ahhh, will we see another Java migration before buster will be frozen?

> I tested it with htsjdk from experimental.

I guess there is no other chance since it depends from the version
there, right?
> When I have green flag, I can upload new dependencies to unstable before
> uploading picard-tools.

So green flag from my side without testing anything since I do not even
have a better idea how to test ... 

Kind regards



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