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Re: Depends available in other PPA's

On 08/03/18 16:32, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 08, 2018 at 12:59:56PM +0000, Tony Travis wrote:
>> The only systems that will break if you remove your packages are mine
>> and I'll fix them.
> What exact packages are you relying to.  You mean the ones you have
> uploaded?

Hi, Andreas.

Bio-Linux 8.0.8 does not use the Debian-Med PPA, but in Barcelona I
began trying to replace Tim's 'legacy' of binary packages with deb's
built from source packages in the Ubuntu Debian-Med PPA. I'm not yet
relying on anything in the Ubuntu Debian-Med PPA, but I would like to
eliminate the binary-only .deb's that Tim and Bela created (I had no
part in that, and advised against putting _anything_ in /usr/local).

>> Please go ahead and remove your packages and, if you
>> think the PPA is now redundant/harmful I think it should be deleted.
> I did not said its redundant it is unmaintained (at least it does not
> fit my criterion of maintenance).  Anything unmaintained is potentially
> harmful.  We might be able to fix this by simply removing packages older 
> than two years - but since I never really cared about the PPA (honest
> question: who actually did?) I have no idea whether this would really
> break something.

I've deleted some packages that I tried to add/update from Debian-Med
because they have external build dependancies like g++7 or newer JDK's
and it would not make sense to back-port all this to Ubuntu Trusty
(14.04). In fact, I think it might be a good idea to add Ubuntu Xenial
(16.04) to the Debian-Med PPA, which is more likely to have the build
tools necessary for more recent packages from Debian Sid.

However, the next version of Bio-Linux will be based on Ubuntu-MATE
18.04 and I plan to use as much as possible from Debian-Med, but not
necessarily using the Ubuntu Debian-Med PPA unless you think that would
be a good idea?



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