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Re: What registry is biii?

Hi Andreas, Steffen, et al.

BIII or biii (whichever you like more) is https://www.biii.eu/, the registry of software for biomage informatics. We added these couple of links with Steffen in the last Sprint.


On 2018-03-20 15:27, Andreas Tille wrote:
Hi Steffen,

the UDD importer gave warnings about

FIXME: Invalid registry in source vmtk of debian-science: biii
FIXME: Invalid registry in source imagej of debian-med: BIII
FIXME: Invalid registry in source openslide of debian-med: biii

When we defined registry keys this one was not mentioned.  Could you
please enlighten me where to point to when this registry key is set? We
probably should also settle with a consistent spelling (I don't mind
about upper or lower case as long as it is always the same).

Kind regards



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