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Re: Participation to Debian Med

Hi Cédric,

On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 07:56:05PM +0000, Cédric Lood wrote:
> I am on the wiki - I wasn't sure if you'd take up the mentoring so I left that part blank.

I added myself as mentor and also added the Git repository that will be
used.  I also changed the month to July - there is no need to wait until
August will start (and I promise I will not stop with the mentoring at
end of July ;-) ).

> Anyhow, I'm gonna read the packaging documentation a bit more in details, but feel free to send me some pointers by emails.

I'm hoping that the docs are sufficiently helpful and have no idea what
additional pointers would be needed.  Its better if you ask immediately
if you somehow feel struck.
Happy to do the mentoring



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