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Re: Participation to Debian Med

Hi Cédric,

On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 07:35:23AM +0000, Cédric Lood wrote:
> Thank you for the answer - I am dealing with a fair share of sequencing data, and some of the programs I use are not packaged (as far as I know). So I would suggest tools that I use indeed, of which either Bandage [0] or Unicycler [1] may be a good start. I had a chance to help debug a bit Unicycler with Ryan (the author) and it was a very nice exchange.

Both are not yet packaged and both are looking like perfect MoM
candidates from *very* quick view.
> Does that sound good? I can think of other suggestions should those prove too difficult. 

Yes, sounds good.  Simply put one of these into the table on the MoM
Wiki page (or if you do not want to register on Debian Wiki just tell me
which one you prefer as a start).

Kind regards



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