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Re: Participation to Debian Med

Hi Cédric,

thanks for your interest in Debian Med.

On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 01:21:24PM +0000, Cédric Lood wrote:
> I am contacting you after having been lurking for some time the Debian Med project and would like to help out. I have some experience with using Linux (my own background being in CS and bioinfo), and I have an interest to learn the tricks of the trade behind the maintenance of packages. So far, I have been reading the project's group policy and discovered you had a mentoring program - I would like to enter that program if anyone would be willing to pair up.

Sounds very good.
> You can reach me here, or via IRC (altersid on freenode/debian).

I admit I prefer communication via e-mail list but if needed I'm fine to
schedule IRC meetings outside office hours.  The only time when I'm
available on IRC fully is at DebConf - which will be in August. ;-)

You can find the mentoring program here


Feel free to pick some program that might be used by you but is not
yet packaged for Debian or pick from our todo list starting here


what you might consider interesting for your work and we can start
with the mentoring.
> Looking forward to hear from you,

Kind regards



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