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Re: psortb, libalgorithm-svm-perl, and other missing dependencies

Hi Carnë,

On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 07:02:58PM +0100, Carnë Draug wrote:
> > But despite having Bio::Tools::PSort::SVMLoc, psortb also uses the
> > 'wild type' Algorithm::SVM:
> >
> >     $ grep -r 'use Algorithm::SVM' psortb
> >     psortb/lib/Bio/Tools/SVMLoc.pm:use Algorithm::SVM::DataSet;
> >     psortb/lib/Bio/Tools/SVMLoc.pm:use Algorithm::SVM;
> >
> > which means that after fixing whatever issues there are in psortb, it
> > will still need to be dependent on libalgorithm-svm-perl that I just
> > packaged.
> I have just finished sorting out the last issue with
> libalgorithm-svm-perl in the perl team and asked to have it uploaded.

It seems I missed this point and I was just lucky that the use case we
were just lucky to not stumble upon this dependency.
> I noticed that psortb is now on sid.  However, that package seems to
> be broken.  Not only it is missing libalgorithm-svm-perl it seems to
> be missing a bunch of other dependencies.  I have enabled autopkgtest
> on it [2, 3] which will test each of the modules and will list the
> missing modules.

Thanks a lot for this.  Feel free to commit directly to the packaging
repository (I took over your commit meanwhile).  I'm not that
comfortable with Perl tests.  What would I need to do to run the tests
as build time test to force the build failing if the test does not pass?

Kind regards



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