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Re: Yaml-cpp now in collab-maint git (Was: Maintaining yaml-cpp in collab-maint? (Was: [MoM] Packaging OpenSurgSim))

On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 08:21:06PM -0500, Paul Novotny wrote:
> > Did you heard anything or tried whether its working now?  Should I ping
> > again?  If the delay might be to large Icould forward patches to get
> > this settled in a decent time frame.
> I have not heard anything. I just tried again, and I don't have
> permission.


> I have, however, moved forward on packaging yaml-cpp. They
> still haven't released a new version, but I imported the latest source
> from their repository that includes the patches I need for OpenSurgSim.
> I was unsure how to name this version, but I noticed in the Debian
> repository some versions include a +svn20150101 or +git20150101
> extension to the version. Since yaml-cpp uses mercurial, and I fetched
> the source on February 10th, I set the source version to
> 0.5.1+hg20150210. 

Sounds sensible.
> I also fixed a couple bugs in yaml-cpp that caused build failures and
> added them as quilt patches.

It might make sense to forward these upstream before they release.

> If you would like to take a look, I pushed
> my changes to github. Feel free to push this to collab-maint, if this is
> easier than forwarding patches.
>   https://github.com/paulnovo/yaml-cpp-debian

I have commited your changes to


as well as an update of d/changelog which I would have expected to see
considering your changes (please pull).
> Next, I plan to add this new yaml-cpp package as a build-dep of
> OpenSurgSim, instead of OpenSurgSim downloading the source of yaml-cpp
> on its own.

If you consider the current status of yaml-cpp as final I'd upload
to experimental (which is harmless on one side and fits the current
Jessie freeze policy on the other side).  So just ping me and I'll
upload if this simplifies your work on OpenSurgSim.  I just want to
remove any stumbling stone in your MoM work.

> Thanks for your help,

You are welcome



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