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Re: Packaging InVesalius

On Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 10:47:23AM -0200, Thiago Franco Moraes wrote:
> > Please make very sure that the source also contains the *source* of this
> > PDF file (whatever it might be).
> Yes. It contains the latex files used to build the pdf file.

That's good to know.
> > On the other hand:  You also could put a symlink using a file
> >
> >    debian/links
> >
> > and just symlink to the original location which might save you the patch.
> I chose this one. It's simpler :)

Yes.  That's why I was mentioning it.
> > BTW, if the documentation is only in pt_BR I'd advise upstream to try to
> > give at least an English translation.
> This is complicated. We are eager to release a new version very soon.
> I don't know if we'll have time to translate to English before the
> release.

No problem with this.  I just wanted to say that while documentation in
/usr/share/doc/<pkgname> is a very important thing to have but from a
general point of view if the documentation is not in English I would
reduce the effort I'm investing into it (like patches etc.)  Keeping
things simple is in this case quite reasonable and once there might be a
translation we might consider rethinking what should be done to serve
our users best.

Kind regards



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