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Re: Packaging InVesalius

Hi Thiago,

On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 04:14:11PM -0200, Thiago Franco Moraes wrote:
> InVesalius has a docs and its only file is a pdf file.

Please make very sure that the source also contains the *source* of this
PDF file (whatever it might be).

> It seems me
> that it is more correct put this file at the folder
> /usr/share/doc/invesalius/. OK. So I overrode dh_installdocs at
> debian/rules;
> <code>
> override_dh_installdocs:
> 	dh_installdocs
> 	dh_installdocs docs/user_guide_pt_BR.pdf
> </code>

Same as for dh_install you can also use the file


containing just

> And I created a patch to InVesalius to change where InVesalius will
> find this pdf file. The problem is the process of package creation is
> compressing this files using gzip. I'm not sure if all pdf viewer can
> open gzip pdf files. Is it possible to dh_installdocs without it
> compressing my pdf file?

	dh_compress --exclude=.pdf

On the other hand:  You also could put a symlink using a file


and just symlink to the original location which might save you the patch.
BTW, if the documentation is only in pt_BR I'd advise upstream to try to
give at least an English translation.

Kind regards



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