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Packaging InVesalius


After the packaging of python-casmoothing I started today the
packaging of InVesalius 3.

I've already packaged the last version to distribute to our users [1],
but this package does not follow the Debian policies. As InVesalius
source code [2] does not have a Makefile I created one and put it in
the InVesalius source code and the package is read to done. Now I'm
trying to do the packaging in the right way, following the Debian

I have the following question: How can I add a file (Makefile in my
case) when doing the package? I was thinking in add the Makefile in
the debian folder and put in debian/rules file a command to move the
Makefile to the source code. Is this a good idea.

Thiago F. Moraes

[1] - http://svn.softwarepublico.gov.br/trac/invesalius/wiki/downloads/3.0-beta-3#GNULinuxInstaller
[2] - https://github.com/invesalius/invesalius3

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