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Re: ITP: agherman, a sleep-research experiment manager, EDF recording viewer/scorer, sleep homeostat modeller

Hi Andrei,

On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 04:58:11PM +0200, andrei zavada wrote:
> > if you confirm that you are subscirbed to debian-med@lists.debian.org
> > (which is strongly recommended) I'd leave you out in CC.
> Confirming hereby.

Great - so there is also no need to CC me any more. :-)
> I have registered with Aliot (as hmmr-guest), now going to register
> aghermann on it. But I can't figure out how to apply for Debian Med
> membership.

There must be some link in the Debian Med project area on Alioth - just
have no time to check.  I have added you manually instead so this issue
can be considered as solved.

Please make sure you read the ssh related part in Debian Med policy how
to easiyl access the repositories.
> Meanwhile, I am fixing lintian warnings on my project; will report
> when done or if I bump into something.

Cool.  I guess Yaroslav will keep on guiding you.

Good luck



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