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Re: ITP: agherman, a sleep-research experiment manager, EDF recording viewer/scorer, sleep homeostat modeller

* as for the task, I would also recommend adding it to Electrophysiology
  task page
  of Debian Science

  if you need help I could add blends entry for both  -- I could give
  a hand (we use a little helper blends-inject [1], which I have failed yet
  to move into blends-dev where I guess it is a better fit)

* maintenance "inside Debian Med team" sounds good to me too, since 
  NeuroDebian team is also a part of it and it would allow more helpful
  hands to keep it in good shape ;-)

On Tue, 29 Nov 2011, andrei zavada wrote:

> Hi Andreas,

> Thanks for the quick response.  The most fitting task to slot my
> package into, I am quite certain would be Research.  It is for all
> those PhD students out there (like myself six years ago) who having
> done a bunch of EEG recordings, face a choice of some proprietary,
> thousands-euro licensed Windows-only software which they don't have,
> and a blinking cursor in Octave :}

> I have already an email from Yaroslav, with whom I hope I'll sort out
> whatever issues my ITP may have.  I'm still a little dizzy getting
> (re-)acquainted with Debian (I shamelessly defected to Gentoo last
> year).

> Cheers,
> Andrei
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