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Re: jessie-updates gone

On 2019-04-03 02:02, Andy Smith wrote:

c) if getting warnings from "apt update" does seem to be an
   effective final way to reach such users, would it be a good idea
   to find a way to have apt tell them about their transition into

On 03.04.19 09:54, Jan Ingvoldstad wrote:
So, sort of a variant on Pierre Fourès's suggestion?

I like that.

I agree.
It's better to warn than error, better when LTS starts than year later.

Just note that expiring the archive is something to consider - people who
put 'Acquire::Check-Valid-Until "0";' into their configs may forget it
there, so they will miss such warnings within next release cycle.


c 2) a transition into LTS should probably be accompagnied with a default run of check-support-status

maybe create new point release where base-files depend on

unfortunately that won't help users who only use unattended-upgrades for
security upgrades.

c 3) when requesting installation of unsupported packages, provide a warning

check-support-status should do that.

For c 3), this could be similar to when e.g. apt/apt-get pauses to ask due to dependencies, and overridable with the same options.

However, as Pierre says, this is quite a bit of extra work for package system developers/maintainers.

I hope that's what we discuss here ;-)
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