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Re: src:wpa overlap in Debian LTS?\

El 10/08/18 a las 10:20, Chris Lamb escribió:
> Holger Levsen wrote:
> […]
> > of that page and then I found the entry where it describes how to claim
> > a DLA, which I did, thinking this would be visible enough (and maybe
> > automatically put an entry into dla-needed.txt.)
> It would not be correct that generating a DLA would add an entry to
> dla-needed.txt; quite the opposite as releasing a DLA ipso-facto
> implies that the work has been completed and thus nothing is needed
> anymore.
> Indeed, removing the entry from dla-needed.txt is precisely what gen-
> DLA does, tooling-wise.
> Let me outline the process here as I think it might help clarify some
> potential misunderstanding:
>   * Frontdesk adds an (unassigned) package to dla-needed.txt.
>   * Someone claims this in dla-needed.txt and begins work on
>     preparing the fixed package.
>   * One complete and tested they generate a DLA for this. gen-DLA will
>     remove the entry from dla-needed.txt as described above.

Maybe the documentation lacks to explicitly state to run gen-DLA only
when the uploaded package have been accepted, and built on all the



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