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Re: src:wpa overlap in Debian LTS?\


no need to cc: me, i'm subscribed to the lts list.

On Fri, Aug 10, 2018 at 09:13:51AM +0200, Andrej Shadura wrote:
> It is, but I guess the manual editing may be confusing for someone not
> familiar with the workflow. And, possibly, the separation between "DLA
> needed" and "claim a DLA". And the fact that the gen-DLA cannot just
> generate a notification for an existing DLA number, only for a new one
> (that led to the number increment in my case).

And the fact that dla-needed is kind of a free flow text file, confused
me as well. So I searched in wiki.d.o/LTS/Development for "claim" and
sadly (by accident, see below) didnt start to search in the beginning
of that page and then I found the entry where it describes how to claim
a DLA, which I did, thinking this would be visible enough (and maybe
automatically put an entry into dla-needed.txt.)

Basically I wanted to reserve this DLA 'for me' because I had tested
that the sid patch applied cleanly, but I was too tired (home from dc18
for a bit more than 24h..) to do the upload at that moment. And I was
also too tired to remember that in fact I can just added dla-needed.txt
as I want to, I don't have to wait for frontdesk to put a package there.

Not sure how to easily improve the tooling here, as I have no idea how
to programatically compare DLA/list and dla-needed.txt in a git hook in
a meaningful way.



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