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Re: Bug#599879: live-helper: Live Builder does not create the user account

On 10/12/2010 11:40 AM, Jose R R wrote:
> I believe you missed (above):
> I *explicitily* specified an user name of my own that I could grep in
> config/* files.

it does not matter how you name the user, the user is still created at
runtime when you boot the image, not when you build it.

> I think you missed prior emails regarding issues of hard copy only
> working on developing machine but failing in other where there is a
> Fedora and Debian operating systems installed.

i apparently did miss that too, do you have a reference?

> I have asked for help and I have provided help to another user who
> experienced similar issues that I experienced before. Whether or not
> the answers to that user are pedantically accurate or not *that*
> procedure helped me resolve *that* problem that the user is asking for
> help.

we were just pointing out that what you were doing did not solve it, but
the time passed in between must have fixed it (because live-config 2.0.7
migrated). not more, not less.

> By selecting the Debian Live
> scripts *all* I want is to create a Debian distribution with an LAMP
> stack and an web application *that* boots in different hardware.

and we're glad to assist you in acchieving that. maybe you come up with
the actual *remaining* problems you're currently having in order to get
it done?

> ... then probably this is the wrong place to ask and resolve issues
> since criticism of existing issues -for whatever reason- is highly
> questioned. I should consider the SuSE Studio appliance builder, then?
> http://susestudio.com/

please feel encourage to find the right tool for what you like to do. it
might very well not be debian-live, or it might, i don't know.

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