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Re: Bug#599879: live-helper: Live Builder does not create the user account

On 10/12/2010 07:23 AM, Jose R R wrote:
> I experienced the same using the live-build package from the regular
> Debian repositories. But the issue disappeared when I upgraded to
> experimental live-build 3.x. Due however to other issues encountered
> (as well as Daniel's advice) I downgraded to
> $ lb -v
> version 2.0.1-1

it has nothing to do with live-build per se, it was a temporary issue
that you were using a too new version of live-build with a too old
version of live-config (rather than using the same for both, e.g. by
using -r live.debian.net; or live-build from sid to build sid, or
live-build from squeeze to build squeeze).

> upgrading to another (experimental) live-build and then
> downgrading; then

i don't see why this should be any good.

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