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Bug#578136: live-initramfs failing to mount filesystem.squashfs in Debian Live Squeeze 6.0alpha1 CD image

Ok, I figured it out.  It is indeed a 'bug' but it is due to a
configuration  that is most likely unique to me in the entire world

The issue was that another partition on the original drive contained
files from another Squeeze based live CD (the Debian Eee project's
1.0b3 release), not all, but most of them.  When booting,
live-initramfs (or whichever process was involved) was mis-identifying
this partition as the one with the necessary files and hence trying to
mount the filesystem.squashfs from that partition - which must, of
course, not be a 4.0 squashfs filesystem (I have not bothered to
check).  Only figured this out when I thought to check what was
mounted from the live-initramfs prompt.

The error when booting the stick on which the image was directly
written occurred because the original pen drive was also plugged in at
the time, so again the partition was mis-identified.

Deleting the old files fixed the problem.  Both the direct image pen
drive and my partition install work now (due to changes I made while
trying to figure out the problem, the latter just boots from a
standard Grub stanza in the main GRUB, and is now on ext2; I am not
bothering to test it with the original syslinux configuration, since I
assume that would work too).

Thanks a lot for all your help, Daniel, and apologies if this has been
a waste of time.

On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 2:02 PM, Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> wrote:
> On 04/17/2010 03:57 PM, Shankar Gopalakrishnan wrote:
>> But, as said, the md5sums check out.  Is it possibly anything to do
>> with the machine I tried it on?
> you can find out by using the same stick on a different machine.
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