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Bug#578136: live-initramfs failing to mount filesystem.squashfs in Debian Live Squeeze 6.0alpha1 CD image

On 04/17/2010 11:16 AM, Shankar Gopalakrishnan wrote:
Would you suggest trying it out with the procedure here:
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianLive/Howto/Custom_Install ?

no; just stick with the intended and supported method:

  dd if=foo.iso of=/dev/sd?

(where foo.iso is the image file, and sd? the device of your usb stick)

But as said, this method has worked with all the other Debian Live
images I have tried.

if you want us to debug it, you need to upload the image somewhere.

otherwise, it's impossible to see what you did wrong. this is exactely the reason why we're building images that are self-contained (means, image including mbr and partition table) - everything is inside the image, and user should not take them apart.

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