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Bug#578136: live-initramfs failing to mount filesystem.squashfs in Debian Live Squeeze 6.0alpha1 CD image

> no; just stick with the intended and supported method:
>  dd if=foo.iso of=/dev/sd?
> (where foo.iso is the image file, and sd? the device of your usb stick)

Nope, the same error occurred again.  I had a spare 2GB drive lying
around and wrote the image to it using dd (as instructed I wrote it to
the drive - i.e. /dev/sdc, not to a partition).  When choosing the
"Live" option on bootup, the same error occurred at the same location
(just after the "squashfs module loaded" message).  The live.log file
is attached.  Running md5sum on the newly created drive after mounting
it in Puppy produced all OKs.

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