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testing live-helper_1.0~a9-1

neuhoff@mhccorp.com wrote:
> I am using debootstrap on a Debian Lenny system.

well, that's a debootstrap issue, not related to live-helper.

Although you are free to use debootstrap, I stronly recommend
cdebootstrap for one reason: it has less bugs and is actively maintained
(debootstrap is on 'NMU if you think there is a problem'-only mode).

One other anoying bug of debootstrap is, that it doesn't create the
right device set in /dev; e.g. one cannot compile the bash package in it
(not that this is here of importance, but I just mentioned it anyway).

> How excactly do I make it towork with live-initramfs? Are we talking abount 
> the 'nopersistent' option when starting up the live Debian from USB?

I was talking about quickreboot. You can use live-initramfs by setting
LH_INITRAMFS to 'live-initramfs' in config/common, and, because it's
stuck in the NEW queue, copy /usr/share/exampes/live.sources.list to

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