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testing live-helper_1.0~a9-1

neuhoff@mhccorp.com wrote:
> I have tested the make-live again for '--binary usb-hdd' and '--filesystem 
> squashfs' and its looks quite promising. 

thanks :)

> I have made the following observations:
> - make-live only works for 'etch'. It won't find the 'testing' nor the 'lenny' 
> suites.

it works for me here, what errors do you get (both lenny or testing)?
what version of cdebootstrap or debootstrap are you using?

> - make-live creates an incomplete binary for the 'sid', there were no vmlinuz 
> nor initrd.img in the '/debian-live/binay'

sid is currently completely broken (not realted to debian-live):

15:58:13 < panthera> sid was never broken on so many points as it is now
15:58:43 < panthera> libsasl (fixed now), cdebootstrap (fixed too),
e2fsutils (fixed as well),
15:59:06 < panthera> and now dpkg is fucked; not speaking of that i
should prepare that l-m-e-2.6 uploads RSN

> - For casper, the option 'quickreboot' has no effect. After a 'sudo reboot', 
> the system always prompts the user to remove a CD-ROM or USB drive and then 
> hit enter.

I've not tried it with casper, but with live-initramfs it just works.

> Also, I was wondering whether there is an easy solution for making the 'cow' 
> branch of the unionfs, which the Debian Live uses, persistent without having 
> to use another 'casper-rw' partition on the USB stick, and without having to 
> do a shutdown/reboot. I tried '/sbin/casper-snapshot' and copied the 
> resulting 'mnt/casper-snapshot/casper-sn.cpio.gz' to '/live_media', so 
> perhaps these steps can be written up as a script for a daily crontab?

i think that is a good idea. unfortunately, i'm not yet that cached up
to the snapshotting/persistency functionality, but i will think of it
when i'll come to it soon.

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