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testing live-helper_1.0~a9-1

Alle venerd? 11 maggio 2007, neuhoff@mhccorp.com ha scritto:
> > You should copy it to the "/" (root) of a partition that resides on a
> > block device, and casper (and hence live-initramfs) should take care of
> > resync on reboot or when you call casper-snapshot with the "resync
> > string" that will be added on boot in /etc/casper.conf. (only if booted
> > with the "persitent" boot param).
> Hmm, all I could find about this in the 'man casper-snapshot' was this:
>      -r, --resync-stringSTRING
>               internally used on resyncs.

Look at my suggestion above, I meant in my poor english that you should boot 
your system once with the snapshot in the system, then look at the resync 
string that will be created by casper on /etc/casper.conf. Then you can pass 
it to casper-snapshot.

The syntax of the string is: "SNAP=${snap_mount}:${snapdev}:${snapfile}"

Where mount=/home or /root typically, snapdev something like "/dev/sda1" for 
usb, and snapfile something like "casper-sn.cpio.gz"

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