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testing live-helper_1.0~a9-1

> > I am using debootstrap on a Debian Lenny system.
> well, that's a debootstrap issue, not related to live-helper.
> Although you are free to use debootstrap, I stronly recommend
> cdebootstrap for one reason: it has less bugs and is actively maintained
> (debootstrap is on 'NMU if you think there is a problem'-only mode).
> One other anoying bug of debootstrap is, that it doesn't create the
> right device set in /dev; e.g. one cannot compile the bash package in it
> (not that this is here of importance, but I just mentioned it anyway).

I tested it again with the latest cdebootstrap from unstable, and with that 
one it seems to work fine. It now finds the 'testing' suite. Also, 
the 'quickreboot' now works as expected.


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