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[OT] Re: AGPL request for summary of recent discussion

MJ Ray <mjr <at> phonecoop.coop> writes:

> Well, we "hear" things like that every time someone doesn't agree about

In this case I talked with other DDs on IRC.

> whether software follows the DFSG or not, yet the number of subscribers
> seems to be generally increasing towards some asymptote
> http://lists.debian.org/stats/debian-legal.png

You know that l.d.o is not the only interface to those lists, right?

> I noticed a suggestion that Francesco should work to become a DD because
> he's "not even a Debian Developer!" which seems a bit of a throwback to
> the "non-package-maintaining contributors not welcomed" dark ages.  Even

DD does no longer equal “maintaining packages” (I notice we do not have
a short term for “nōn-packaging project member” because DM is already
used for packaging nōn-members).

And I really meant DD as in “project member” here.

> I also noticed a suggestion that Francesco should shut up and then try
> to convince the project about the problems with the AGPL "from
> within"(huh?), which seemed rather absurdly destructive to me: how does
> someone convince others without explaining the problems?

I never said he shouldn’t explain the problems. I merely suggested he
explain it in places where they can be addressed instead of in the place
where Debian contributors go when they want advice on the project’s
position on something, or sth. like that.

Maybe this explains my reasoning better? If it does, EOT from me.


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