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Re: AGPL request for summary of recent discussion

Paul Wise <pabs <at> debian.org> writes:

> Likewise. I don't appreciate the disrespectful tone some folks have
> displayed in this and other recent threads. I would like to remind

Oh great, and who’s going to deal with trolls then? You’re not
holding Francesco to them, I’m noticing.

I’ve heard that Francesco is the reason people are considering
unsubscribing from this list. Yes, it’s *that* bad. I do *not*
think we should keep the velvet gloves on every time – but if
you want to do that, feel free to, just ignore me.

(And, for the record, I did try to make constructive suggestions
how Francesco can try to get his point across better.)

Sorry I’m brutally honest. And yes, I stand by my actions.

And, tbh, if this is official (someone finally says something
against a long-standing annoyment, to the rejoicing of other
people including DDs who suffered under said annoyment, only
to be flamed by people who have failed to contribute so far)
I can understand unsubscribing. It’s “only” Debian that suffers.


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